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The Underdogs was a Voluntary Youth Group, set up by 4dee and Jaffa back in 1992, when the St mellons estate was heading for trouble, the kids had nothing to do, nowhere to go and were on a slippery slope, 4dee and Jaffa had been into music forever and with the help of Roberta and her house they were able to put together a group specialising in the Hip-Hop culture. Established in 1992, its numerous activities included:



Street & Break Dancing,


Music Production,

Graphic Design,

Information Technology,

DJ skills


The group based in a three-bedroom house in Cardiff, enabled youngsters to partake of such activities – preventing boredom, which can lead to crime and drug abuse.  These activities aid in the development of self-confidence, providing a sense of co-operation and belonging and allowing the expression of personal thoughts and feelings without causing offence.



The Underdogs was most commonly known for its dance aspect, as it consisted of teams who train and practice in four different areas of the city and who were brought together to perform showcases, forming the largest street dance group in Wales.


Taking part in performances and local competitions through any aspect of the fore-mentioned activities gave each individual something to be proud of, for their personal contribution.




At present there are 50 active members in the group who all perform together, but can split up to make 5 different groups,

The juniors are SUNSHINE

The breakdancers are D.F.M. The Dance Floor Monsters

The intermediates are TOTAL

The seniors are ESSENTIAL

The Rappers and DJ’s all have individual names;







The groups main aim was to have fun while learning and to be FAMOUS!!!








The Underdogs Voluntary youth group

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